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Arya Samaj Markham

Arya Samaj Markham is one of the chapters of Vedic Aryan Cultural Society (VACS), which was incorporated under the laws of Ontario without share capital on 14 April 1975.

It is a non-profit organization formed to promote Vedic Hindu scriptures, philosophy, and culture, to engage in multi-faith activities and programs for creating goodwill among fellow human beings. Over the years, it has turned into a grand cultural centre and social hub in Markham. It has regular programmes and activities like Yog Sadhna (to balance body, mind and spirit), Healing Dance, Karate Classes, Music Classes, Sunday School and Summer Day Camp for children, Study Circle, Social and Cultural activities for older adults, Celebration of Multiculturalism and Community Festivals and Heritage related events.

The building housing Arya Samaj Markham is known as the Vedic Cultural Centre (VCC). It is spread over 2 acres of land at 4345 – 14th. Avenue Markham, Ontario L3R 0J2. It has a great hall, with high ceiling, a glass dome, that illuminates the entire Great Hall, with natural sun rays that sparkle and kindle the spiritual strength of each soul in the congregation. The great hall has a seating capacity of over 400 people. It has a beautiful stage equipped with high-tech audio and visual equipment. On the lower floor, there is a modern Banquet Hall that can be used for Weddings and other Ceremonies by the community. The large commercial kitchen provides all the facilities required for the Banquet Hall. There is a Board Room, Class Room, Library and three living quarters used for the caretaker, visiting dignitaries etc.

Viewed from a distance, as one approaches the building, the entire object embodies the basic icons of Arya Samaj. One notices the apex of the temple first, a glazed pyramidal crown located in the centre forming the highest element in the building. This is the geometrical rendering of Agni, the all-consuming and all-purifying agent, a triangle of light and heat. The centrally poised Agni emerges out of a twelve-sided base which represents the twelve Upanishads. The twelve Upanishads in turn emerge out of a gigantic square whose four sides represent the four Vedas, the corner of each Veda is recognized by a triangular sun-entry, which echoes the meaning of Gayatri by asking the brilliance of the sun to enter our intellect as we enter the temple.

All these icons sit on a circular mass, the main and outer body of the temple. The circle represents the Cosmos, which encloses the temporal activities of the Samaj.

The devotees enter the temple under a free-standing gate and is aligned with the main axis. The psychological merging of the temporal into the Vedic realm is, thus activated. Perhaps the devotee hears the Upanishadic whisper

“Lead me from untruth to truth.

From darkness to light.

From morality to immortality”

Welcome to Arya Samaj Markham.


Yash Kapur

President (Arya Semaj Markham)


(Charitable Registration Number: 11928 2895 RR0001)