About Vedic Cultural Centre


Vedic Cultural Centre – Our Pride

Arya Samaj Markham and Toronto Arya Samaj are housed in the Vedic Cultural Centre, located at 4345-14th. Avenue Markham (at the Southwest corner of Kennedy Road and 14th. Avenue).
It is an Edifice commemorating the core Principles enunciated by the ancient Sages and Rishis of India, emerging from deep meditative states. 
The vision of a monument incorporating core Vedic Principles took form under the genius of the Design Consultant, Anupam Banerji, assisted by his Architects Suresh Parab, and Dharam Malik and Engineering Consultants Om Arora, Krishan Sachdev and Yatindra Sinha.
The following is a recap of the Organizing Principles of the Centre’s architecture:
1. A 12-foot high glazed glass crown at the apex of the Edifice – a symbol of Agni – a geometric rendering of Light and Fire. The Sacred Fire ceremony is at the centre of all worshipful ceremonies from childbirth to marriages to end-of-life commemorations and major life events in between. During full moon nights, it lights up the inner sanctum with a soft glow. The unique design of the large skylight also resonates with a favourite Mantra from Upanishad. “Lead us from death to immortality, from darkness to light” and truth to falsehood.
2. The Agni symbol emerges from a 12-sided circular base representing 12 of the 108 known Upanishads which are the summaries of the most ancient scriptures known to man – The Vedas – which form the four corners of the large square with triangular openings at the corner to let laser-like beam of light to enter the inner sanctum.
3. The 12 Upanishads also adorn the giant Circle on the East representing the Cosmos enclosing the temporal activities within. 
4 . The 3 skylights, behind the Namaste sign at the entrance, represent the three attributes Gunas of Primordial Matter Prakriti – all that comes into existence –TAMAS (Inertia), RAJAS (euphoric activity), and SATTVA (Purity)
5. The glass-enclosed cylindrical columns on either end of the building represent the twin Principles of Pure Consciousness – Paramatma and  Atman
6 . The cylindrical column on the left, an embodiment of the Silent Witness, only enables entry and exit into the building.
7. Since the Centre faces North, the large stage for cultural activities also faces North, but the main platform for spiritual practices faces East.
Many Scholars have extolled the symbolism of Vedic Principles in the Centre’s Architecture as being one of the finest in North America and perhaps unique even among the new Indian temples, which are often dedicated to a particular lineage.
The Centre is our inheritance and as its custodians, it behoves us to preserve it for future generations. May we be single-minded in protecting this heritage sacrificing our personal perspectives, differences of opinions, likes and dislikes.