Arya Bal Vihar

Where children connect with their roots and become wiser

Arya Bal Vihar is where children come to learn and connect deeper with the principles of the Arya Samaj. This is where the young ones who will define our future learn Hindi, begin to grasp the teachings of the Vedas, and understand how to live a life centered around the welfare of oneself while ensuring the welfare of the society.

By teaching the Hindi language, we prepare children to fully realize the intellectual knowledge that the teachings of the Vedas provide them. These teachings also enable them to connect better with the youth, their peers, their family, and the other members of society. The goal at the Arya Bal Vihar every single day is to encourage the pursuit of true knowledge gained through reflections upon the teachings of gurus and deciphering of the values in the scriptures.

Children not only get to learn and educate themselves at the Arya Bal Vihar, but they get to spend their time in several other activities which enable them to enjoy life with their friends and set themselves on the path to becoming a guiding light to the future generations.

Here is everything that Arya Bal Vihar offers to children:

  • Helping children read, write, and speak the Hindi language.
  • Nurturing children to understand, appreciate, learn, and practice the principles of Arya Samaj in their everyday life.
  • Develop the skillsets of every child in terms of social and cultural awareness.
  • Helping children get tuned to the present through practices and rituals such as Yoga and meditation.
  • Instill pride in children of their multicultural heritage and in their Canadian identity.
  • Offer children the support and love of a wonderful community by celebrating special occasions such as their birthdays and festivals such as Diwali and Holi.

Why does a child need to be at the Arya Bal Vihar?

Education is absolutely essential for a child to grow up to be successful in their endeavours and to live a prosperous life. Yet, there is an important aspect of education that most children often miss, which is understanding wisdom and the path towards it.

Without wisdom, an education in any discipline – regardless of its scope and complexity – is like creating a tremendous amount of energy without lending it direction. Wisdom is what enables a child to understand the consequences of actions and understand the right path for themselves and for society.

At the Arya Bal Vihar in Arya Samaj Markham, a child is nurtured to become the wisest version of themselves so they could harness all their energy into actions that make this world a better place to for all humankind.

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