Food Bank

The food bank at Arya Samaj Markham is maintained thanks to the efforts from the community. Our food bank is always ready to be utilized for helping the needy, and those stuck in unfortunate circumstances including poverty, and the lack of resources due to national disasters or a crisis.

We have ensured that every single person in need of food can be supported instantly through our food bank, without the need for having anyone go out of their ways to manage this important need.

To those who have more than enough means to provide food for themselves and others, we encourage them to contribute to our food bank and help us help the society and the world.


For providing donations and support for our Food bank: +16479774018 or Maharishi Jani (GS)- 416-903-5671

For assistance with fulfilling food needs: +16479774018 or Maharishi Jani (GS)- 416-903-5671