Senior Club

The Senior Club at Arya Samaj Markham is crucial to what helps this community maintain the value of everything it offers to those in the community and beyond. This club provides a second home to senior people to share the experiences of their lives and their learnings with others like them. The members of this club find comfort, company, and fun here as the rest of the community gathers around them to celebrate special occasions such as festivals, anniversaries, birthdays; other occasions such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and regional Canadian festivals.

Beyond these experiences, the Senior club offers its members the ability to improve their quality of life by maintaining their spiritual, cultural, and emotional connections with everyone they know and love.

Activities and events at Senior Club

  • Every Tuesday is celebrated at the Senior Club with events such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other festivities. This celebration is complimented by a healthy lunch for the members, and ensures they have a time filled with joy, encouragement, and love.
  • The members of the club also get to share their spiritual and life experiences with others in the community and have the chance to spread their wisdom and help everyone for whom it could be useful.

Members of the Senior Club

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For More details on the program, please contact +16479774018 or Maharishi Jani (GS)- 416-903-5671