Religious Services, Special Days and National Festivals

Religious Services, Special Days & National Festivals bookings at Arya Samaj Markham are open throughout the year for devotees and community members. Our priests and premises are available for all religious, special days & national festivals, we offer convenient access to availing our services and making bookings customized to the needs and occasions.

Below are the types of religious bookings for services at Arya Samaj Markham:

  • Havans and pujas for all types of personal and family occasions.
  • Blessing of new assets such as Cars, Home, and commercial buildings.
  • Pujas for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • All other types of pujas, havans and event customs are tailored for occasions specific to the needs of booking member and public-
  • Ved Vaani.
  • Bhajan Sandhya.
  • Satsung.
  • Pravachan.
  • Special Days ( Anniversary, Birthdays etc.)
  • National Festivals

For booking, please contact Yogi Bhupendra at: Phone Number: +19054755778 / +16479774018