Social Causes

One of the core principles of the Arya Samaj is to do good for the whole of society. The social causes of this community are aimed at doing just that, helping people live their best life so they could help others do the same.

At Arya Samaj Markham, the community aspires to enrich the lives of each other and the world around them. To that end, this community contributes to the society through several of its initiatives. These include:

  • Programs for new immigrants to adapt to living in Canada while maintaining their pride and practices of their culture.
  • Programs for helping others learn English so they could communicate seamlessly within and outside their community.
  • Food bank for everyone in need of food, those may temporarily find themselves unable to have the means to afford them, and for those struck by a lack of resources due to natural/man-made disasters and in unfortunate circumstances.

Following are some programs: