A practice that revitalizes the body and the mind

The word “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means “to unify.” The practice of yoga, thus, is a spiritual unification of the mind with the body. The yoga classes at Arya Samaj Markham offer an environment that helps an individual maintain the highest levels of focus, and guidance from gurus whose support is essential in making the most out of the benefits that Yoga offers.

Yoga is a practice meant for people across all age groups, the children, the youth, and the elderly. By making it a part of life, a person gets to connect with their bodies deeper than they ever could; and invigorate themselves to tackle all the obstacles they may come across in their life.


For more details on Yoga classes and schedule, please contact: +16479774018 or Maharishi Jani (GS)- 416-903-5671